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Kenneth West is a multi-disciplined artist from Canada, living in London UK. Practicing art from an early age, Kenneth focuses on creating drawings, paintings, collage, and digital art pieces, with an insatiable appetite for visual art, photography, design, and creative ideas. A deep passion for creating is his fuel for consistent learning and exploring with the purpose of giving back and helping others to tell their stories. Forever a student of the craft, Kenneth loves teaching and encouraging others to let their walls down when it comes to creating.  Kenneth believes that Black Lives Matter and is madly in love with his beautiful wife. 
 Kenneth's interests outside of art include: Basketball (LBJ), drumming, singing, music, fashion, comedy, film, books, animals, storms, baths, helping others, and sleep. 

Kenneth's favourite visual artists: Anthony Lister, Ralph Steadman, Jenny Saville, Ashley Wood, Tala Madani, Kim Jung Gi, Salvador Dali, Francis Bacon. 

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